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Nicole Wesen

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Name: Nicole Wesen

Hometown: Freehold

Major: American Studies


The driving force that kept me going was to set an example for my children.



Personal Statement

The inspiration for getting my degree was my father’s emphasis on the value of a higher education. After high school, I received my associate’s degree and transferred to Rutgers. But in order to afford college, I had to take time off. I eventually returned, continuing to work at my job and care for my young children. The driving force that kept me going was to set an example for my children.

The journey has not been an easy one. But I can say I’ve lived life to the fullest through its ups and downs. I worked, bought a home, got married, raised a family, and juggled everything life has thrown my way. I was determined to make this happen. The schedule was challenging, but I was able to attend school at night through the support and understanding of my family and friends. I can’t thank my husband Don enough for helping me achieve my goal. With this accomplishment behind me, I feel there is nothing I cannot do.

The professors and deans in my department were also very supportive, and instrumental in my success here at Rutgers. My knowledge of the field has grown and I am more aware of the world around me. After 27 years of hard work, determination and sacrifice, I can finally say I’ll have my degree!

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