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Christina Rescate

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Name: Christina Rescate

Hometown: Morganville

Major: English


To have my family present to witness this milestone, especially my mother Lorraine and daughter Sabrina, is the best possible way I could imagine spending Mother’s Day.



 Personal Statement

In 2000, I postponed the completion of my college studies in order to start a family. I promised myself this would be temporary, vowing to finish college before my child. Over the next 12 years life’s twists and turns blessed me with Sabrina, furthered my career, closed the door on old love, and paved the way for true love. Then in 2012, I was diagnosed with stage three ovarian cancer. My daughter was 10 years old and my marriage was less than two. Several surgeries and chemotherapy left me disheartened, disabled, and unemployable.

In 2015, with great resolve I decided to reclaim my life. I realized that time, the former deterrent to resuming my education, no longer applied. Time was the currency which allowed me to reinvest in myself.

I applied to and was accepted to Rutgers University and in September 2015, surrounded by much younger students, I resumed my studies with every intention of fulfilling the promise I had made a decade-and-a-half earlier. I have always loved to read and write, so continuing my English major was unquestionable. Rutgers’ reputation for excellence inspired my minor in philosophy. Class was invigorating and I was doing quite well despite the long absence. I felt I was exactly where I should be. I was setting an example for my daughter about overcoming adversity and showing her, not simply telling her, how valuable an education truly is.

A second cancer recurrence threatened to derail my progress midway through my first semester. But my husband Albert, my No. 1 fan, encouraged me not to lose hope or even consider abandoning my dream. Fostered by the love of my entire family, I became inspired to remain a positive influence on my daughter in spite of the odds. The compassionate cooperation of my educators and deans at Rutgers converged to make it possible for me to finish the semester, in spite of surgical intervention, with a 3.65 GPA which qualified me for the School of Arts and Sciences Dean’s List. It was this successful outcome and the promise of returning to my studies that sustained me throughout my next semester leave of absence for six months of chemotherapy.

I returned to Rutgers University in the fall of 2016 with my cancer in remission and will earn my Bachelor of the Arts degree this May.

I have been uplifted by my experience, inspired by the fulfilled promise to strive for something more. I am presently awaiting response to my application to law school.

I have a tremendous sense of accomplishment and am looking forward to Commencement. I have actually never worn a cap and gown before and will don this and my Sigma Tau Delta tassels, signifying my membership in the National English Honors Society, with overwhelming self-pride. The fortitude I required to earn my degree pales in comparison to the joy I have from feeling worthy of the pride my daughter expresses for me.

To have my family present to witness this milestone, especially my mother Lorraine and daughter Sabrina, is the best possible way I could imagine spending Mother’s Day.

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