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Q.  What is grants facilitation?
A.  Also known as Research Development, Grants Facilitation is the process of providing a series of strategic, proactive and capacity-building activities designed to facilitate individual faculty members and research teams of several faculty members in securing external research funding. By developing and strengthening faculty relationships and working to secure external funding for the university, research development professionals are working to increase institutional competitiveness.


Q.  What are some the steps that a grants facilitator can assist me with when I am looking to develop a proposal?
A.  A research development professional can assist you in developing a comprehensive strategy for identifying a specific grant opportunity, facilitating research collaborations with other faculty members within or outside Rutgers University, establishing a timeline for completing the various aspects of grant proposals, reviewing and editing the proposal, and facilitating communication between you and the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP), to ensure that the proposal budget is reviewed and authorized, and that the completed proposal is submitted to the granting agency.


The research development professional can also provide any of the above services individually if you are not in need of a comprehensive strategy to secure grant funding for a given project.



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