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Rutgers Alumni Association

The Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences and the Rutgers Alumni Association share common roots that extend back to the very beginning of Rutgers.

SAS is the largest and most comprehensive school at Rutgers University, upholding the tradition of excellence founded more than 250 years ago at Queens College and carried on through the 20th century by four outstanding undergraduate colleges: Rutgers, Douglass, Livingston, and University colleges.

The RAA, founded in 1831, is Rutgers University's oldest alumni group and one of the oldest in the country, and has historically served alumni from Rutgers College.

In 2018, these two venerable institutions formed a historic partnership. The School of Arts and Sciences became the principal constituent school for the Rutgers Alumni Association, and the RAA became the official alumni association for SAS.

This partnership provides the foundation for newly minted graduates to join together with veteran alums and build connections, plan great events, and support Rutgers University!

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