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Schwartz, Calvin

Calvin Schwartz
Major: Pharmacy
Minor: Science
Year of Graduation: 1969
Current Location (city): Marlboro
Current Occupation: Journalist
Company Name: NJ Discover
LinkedIn account:
Why did you choose your major/minor, and what did you like most about it?: My mother chose my profession of Pharmacy for me based on my relatives being Rutgers grads and pharmacists.
Tell us about your journey since graduation and the ways that your experiences at Rutgers and SAS (major/minor, classes, professors, clubs, etc.) have contributed to your successes.: Quite a journey., Graduated Rutgers Pharmacy in 1969. Practiced community Pharmacy for 12 years, An epiphany; it was time to change. Went into Eye wear business working for world's largest Eye wear company, Luxottica as a salesman and regional manager for 25 years. Another epiphany. It was time to write my first novel, 'VICHY WATER' which mentions Rutgers 92 times. Published 12 years ago. Then (and this is true) I said to myself "I'm a Rutgers grad, I can do anything" So I decided to become a journalist. Wrote for two central Jersey magazines THEN NJ Discover in October 2011. My journalism was specialized, concentrating on the people "who do the living and dying" here in New Jersey. I've covered homelessness, hunger, autism (Rutgers advances), environment, music, film, and Rutgers. Five years ago NJ Discover and myself developed a central jersey cable TV talk show, which I produce and co host. I spend 160 days a year on Rutgers campus for everything including athletics, Eagleton, lectures, networking, mentoring (communication and media.) My most prideful life's achievement was being asked to teach at Rutgers, which I did in Fall semester 2019, a course in Career Explorations in SAS. And here I am now finishing my 2nd novel (87% done), still tethered to Rutgers, and having connected with 9992 Rutgers alums, students, professors on LinkedIn (past 14 months.)
What advice do you have for our current Arts and Sciences students?: Absorb, explore, learn, network every day, brand yourself, get out of dorm room, never feel you are pigeon-holed in career choices. A student graduating today will have 17 jobs, 5 careers. Always engage, ask questions and grow. There is no limit to what you can do.
Do you have any exciting news to share?: Just that I'm here, helping setting up alumni-student Webex discussions relating to this very different world we're living in. Quoting a Rutgers grad, Keith A, "There is an opportunity in chaos IF you recognize it"