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Cangialosi, Joseph

Joseph Cangialosi
Major: ITI
Minor: Labor Studies
Year of Graduation: 2011
Current Location (city): New Brunswick
Current Occupation: Sr. Customer Solutions Manager
Company Name: Amazon
LinkedIn account:
Why did you choose your major/minor, and what did you like most about it?: I love being in IT, that's why I chose ITI from SCI at Rutgers, New Brunswick. I liked the fact that I was able to get hands on the technology versus just learning about theory. It's a great major to prepare you for the real world of technology.
Tell us about your journey since graduation and the ways that your experiences at Rutgers and SAS (major/minor, classes, professors, clubs, etc.) have contributed to your successes.: I kept in touch with my SCI professors and programs. I think it has helped me grow my knowledge and share with others. The work I did specifically in the research areas of the program has prepared me for role in IT that focus on new technology and the business impact.
What advice do you have for our current Arts and Sciences students?: Grow your network!!!! Meet people and take as many internships as possible, the more experience you have before you graduate the more marketable you are.
Do you have any exciting news to share?: I have been at Amazon AWS for the past 8+ months and have learned so many things. I recently became developer certified by AWS and look at achieving the AWS SysOps cert by end of May.