SASgraphic UPDATED 1The School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) requires that all students complete a goal-based Core Curriculum, as well as an approved major and an approved minor for students who are not pursuing credit-intensive majors.

The distinctive SAS Core Curriculum is structured as a set of core liberal arts and sciences learning goals. All are framed as activities students will be able to do at a foundational level by virtue of meeting the specified core goal. Courses may be counted as meeting multiple learning goals; students generally will complete the core in 10 to 14 courses of 3 or 4 credits each. A course used to meet core goals may also be used to fulfill a major or minor requirement. Only graded degree credit-bearing courses worth at least 3 credits and certified by the SAS faculty may be used to meet core goals. For lists of courses certified as meeting each goal, see below. These lists are also available in the Rutgers online degree audit system, Degree Navigator, which students use to track their progress in completing the Core Curriculum.