SAS Strategic Planning Process 2023-24


We are excited to embark on a strategic planning process, which will articulate a unified vision for SAS as well as a roadmap to achieve that vision over five years. The plan will be developed during this academic year to identify SAS priorities and how we will advance them in the context of those of the President of Rutgers and Chancellor of the New Brunswick campus.

Schools of Arts and Sciences at public, R1, land grant institutions have common missions, and therefore should have common general goals – these include advancing research, student success (in part by offering a broad, liberal arts education), and community engagement. Here, we will develop the language and details of goals and initiatives that are specific to our school and its intersection with Rutgers, New Brunswick, and the State of New Jersey.

Within SAS, a strategic plan for diversity, equity, and inclusion was thoughtfully developed following much work over the last couple of years. DEI is a high priority for SAS, and this plan will be incorporated into the broader strategic plan as it is developed this year.

The work will be done by a series of committees.


This committee will develop statements of Mission (what we are here to do), Vision (what we intend to become), and Values (how we should do our work).

Data Collection and Analysis

This committee will gather quantitative and qualitative data needed to assess our current situation and serve as potential baselines for evaluating success of components of the strategic plan. This work will include an analysis of strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities, and will determine the gap that exists between where we are now and our vision for five years into the future.

Planning, Implementation, and Metrics

This group will operate in two phases. Phase 1 involves development of specific SAS-level goals, objectives, and strategies, as well as five academic themes spanning our disciplines. The themes will reflect multidisciplinary areas of strength that provide opportunities for synergy and significant advancement for research, education, and community engagement across SAS and the campus more broadly. While we will continue to support the core disciplines in which the themes are grounded, these cross-cutting areas will be priorities for investment. Phase 2 will develop recommendations for implementation and definitions of what success will look like (specific metrics).

Committee Members

To view committee members please click on the committee below.

Karen Bennett, Co-Chair

Philosophy (Chair)

Mike Kiledjian, Co-Chair

Cell Biology & Neuroscience (Chair)

Kareem Mumford, Liaison

SAS - Communications & Marketing

Victoria Abraira

Cell Biology & Neuroscience

Brandon Alderman

Kinesiology & Health (Chair)

Kostas Bekris

Computer Science

Alastair Bellany


Katherine Bermingham

Earth and Planetary Sciences

Christine Cahill

Political Science

Anne Carr-Schmid

Biological Sciences

Musu Davis

SAS - Honors Program

Pernille Hemmer

Psychology/ Cognitive Science

Arnold Hyndman

Cell Biology & Neuroscience

Jacqueline Ann Loeb

English Writing Program

Jorge Marcone

Spanish & Portuguese

Zsofia Pal


Zakia Salime

Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies/ Sociology

Ben Sifuentes-Jauregui

Comparative Literature (Chair)/ American Studies

Andrew Singson


Simon Thomas


Juli Phillips, Co-Chair

Sociology (Chair)

David Pennock, Co-Chair

Computer Science/ DIMACS

Robin Leichenko, SAS Liaison

SAS - Social & Behavioral Sciences

Lauren Adamo

Earth and Planetary Sciences

Steven Buyske


Dan Cabanes


Jefferson Decker

American Studies (Chair)/ Political Science

Bradley Evans


Tia Kolbaba


John Landon-Lane

Economics (Chair)

Tara Matise

Genetics (Chair)

Antonio Miranda Garcia

Computer Science

Laura Ramirez Polo

Spanish & Portuguese

Laura Schneider


Suzanne Squires

Chemistry & Chemical Biology

Kristen Syrett

Linguistics/ Cognitive Science

Reginald Williams


Marsha Bates, Co-Chair

Kinesiology & Health

Carlos Decena, Co-Chair

Latino & Caribbean Studies/ Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies

Rebecca Walkowitz, SAS Liaison

SAS - Humanities

Katarzyna Bieszczad

Psychology/ Cognitive Science

Eric Gawiser

Physics & Astronomy

David Goldman

SAS - Learning & Assessment

Alexander Guerrero


Bari Hanafi

Earth & Planetary Sciences

Martha Haviland

Biological Sciences

Allan Isaac

American Studies

Seth Koven


Regina Liu


Anne Piehl


Michelle Stephens

Institute for the Study of Global Racial Justice

Christien Tompkins


Jinchuan Xing


Alex Zamalin

Africana Studies/ Political Science

Miguel Angel Zaratiegui Biurrun

Molecular Biology & Biochemistry

Melissa Feinberg

History (Chair)

Diane Shane Fruchtman


Omolade Gbolade

SAS - Life Sciences

Charles Haberl

African, Middle Eastern & South Asian Languages & Literatures/ Religion

Colin Jager


Dugan McGinley


Kevin Monahan

Molecular Biology & Biochemistry

Dawne Mouzon


Nicole Marie Nagle

Kinesiology & Health

Asa Rennermalm


Andrey Tomashevskiy

Political Science

Monica Torres

Biological Sciences

Theresa Ragozine

Chair, SAS Deans Advisory Council

Laura Lawson

Executive Dean, School of Environmental & Biological Sciences

Alberto Cuitino

Dean, School of Engineering

Denise Hien

Senior Vice Provost for Research

Rick Garfunkel

Vice President for Global Affairs

Carolyn Moehling

Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education


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