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Energy and Climate Change
01:556:143 (4 credits)
Core: 21C, NS
Professor Alan Goldman, Chemistry, with additional faculty from Marine Science, Earth and Planetary Sciences, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Physics, Planning and Public Policy/Economics, and Environmental Sciences

Wondering what the "energy" problem is all about?

Here is your chance to learn what energy is, where it comes from, how we make it, how we use it, and how we will have to change the way we make it in the coming decades. "Energy and Climate Change" introduces nonscience majors to science and the scientific method in the context of one of the most critical challenges facing us today: society's need for energy and the resulting impact on climate and the environment. The course surveys climatology, physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, economics, and public policy as they relate to energy and sustainability considered from a global perspective.

This course is particularly recommended for students pursuing majors or minors in the social sciences and in areas of the humanities impacted by energy and climate, and it is of interest to students in engineering and the natural sciences. Energy and Climate Change can be used to meet the new SAS Core Curriculum goals in 21st Century Challenges (21C) and Natural Sciences (NS).

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