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Genetics, Evolution, and Human Health

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Genetics, Evolution, and Human Health
01:119:156 (4 credits)
Core: 21C, NS
Professor Terry McGuire, Genetics 

Why do humans get sick? Why are diabetes and obesity on the rise? Why have cancer and cardiovascular diseases become so prevalent? Is there a mismatch between the environments in which we evolved and environments in which we now live? Why did cholera, measles, mumps, whooping cough, and malaria become epidemic diseases? Why has evolution failed to make us immune to disease?

Based in cutting-edge genetic and evolutionary biology research conducted at Rutgers, “Genetics, Evolution, and Human Health” explores what science can tell us about what it means to be human and why humans get sick. How can genetics be used and misused? What social, political, environmental, and medical changes would be required to improve human health in the 21st century?

This course is particularly recommended for students who intend to pursue majors or minors in anthropology, criminal justice, ecology, geography, history, philosophy, political science, psychology, public health, public policy, and sociology and it is of interest to students in the biological sciences and chemistry.

Genetics, Evolution, and Human Health can be used to meet the new SAS Core Curriculum goals in 21st Century Challenges [21C] and Natural Sciences [NS].

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