Signature Courses

signature coursesSchool of Arts and Sciences Signature Courses are foundational courses covering engaging topics of grand intellectual sweep and enduring importance. They are designed and taught by our renowned scholars and scientists who are not only recognized for their specialized research but are also eloquent and demanding award-winning teachers. Each course is made up of a combination of capacious lectures by faculty and small discussion sections led by graduate students from our nationally ranked graduate programs. They establish a common basis for intellectual exchange and define us as the School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) community of students and scholars working together.
normalityabnormalitysquareNormality and Abnormality
Spring 2015
01:920:240 (4 credits)
Core: 21C, SCL, WCd
Professor Allan Horwitz or
Deborah Carr, Sociology
ss crator.squareExtinction
01:070:111 (4 credits)
Core: 21C, NS, SCL
Professor Rob Scott, Anthropology



ss conservation.squareConservation
01:450:214 (4 credits)
Core: 21C, SCL
Professor Richard Schroeder, Geography


ss energy.squareEnergy and Climate Change
01:556:143  (4 credits)
Core: 21C, NS 
Professor Alan Goldman, Chemistry
Addt'l faculty: Marine Science, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Physics, Planning & Public Policy/ Economics, & Environmental Science
Once Upon Time SquareOnce Upon A Time
01:350:200  (4 credits)
Core: AHp
Professor Barry Qualls, English
Picture 1 r1Eating Right: The Ethics of Food Choices and Food Policy
01:730:252 (4 credits)
Core: 21C, AHo, WC
Professor Andy Egan, Philosophy
PastToday100x100Past Today:
Why Conflicts Endure

Spring 2015 
01:195:270 (3 credits)

Core: 21C, AHo, AHp
Professor Richard Serrano, French, Comparative Literature
HumanDiversity100x100Human Nature and
Human Diversity

Spring 2015 
01:730/185:253 (4 credits)

Core: 21C, AHo
Professor Stephen Stich,
Philosophy, Cognitive Science


SunKingSAS shutterstock 40559764-100x100The Arts of Power: Ritual, Myth, and Propaganda from the Age of Augustus to the World of Wikileaks
01:510:245 (4 Credits)
Core: HST, SCL |
 Spring 2015  
Professor Alastair Bellany, History
shutterstock_57611206_r1Sea Change: The Rise and Fall of Sea Level and the Jersey Shore
01:460:110 (3 credits)
Core: 21C, NS
Professor Kenneth Miller,
Earth and Planetary Sciences
ss genetics.squareGenetics, Evolution, and Human Health
01:119:156 (4 credits)
Core: 21C, NS

Professor Terry McGuire, Genetics
25716229Global East Asia
Spring 2015
01:098:250 (4 credits)
Core: 21C, HST, SCL

Professor Paul Schalow,
Asian Languages and Cultures


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