SAS Website Standards

Website Identity Standards Policy for Units in the School of Arts and Sciences

It is the policy of the School of Arts and Sciences that all SAS units use an approved banner, consistent with the current style of the SAS website launched in 2010, with the School of Arts and Sciences Signature and the Rutgers Logotype in the top left corner of every webpage. The Rutgers-School of Arts and Sciences signature must link to the SAS homepage.

This policy conforms to the Rutgers University identity standards. 

Meeting Identity Requirements on the Redesigned SAS Website

To help units update websites to conform with the Rutgers SAS Identity Policy and the new SAS website design launched in September 2010, SAS IT Services has created Departmental and Center Templates.  The Rutgers SAS combined Logotype and Signature with link to the SAS homepage is on the left.  Fields for units to display their name are located on the right of the banner or in a header below the banner. 

SAS IT has created templates in the Joomla! Content Management System to meet the different needs of programs and departments as well as the many types of centers within SAS. 

Since creating a standard visual identity for SAS is a priority, SAS IT will work with all units to bring their websites into compliance with the identity policy.  Units can contact SAS IT through the workorder system to begin this process.

Please note that websites should also be consistent with all other aspects of the Rutgers University visual identity policy:

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