SAS Stationery Templates and Purchasing

sas_letterheadUsing SAS Stationery Templates to Create Letterhead for Units in SAS

SAS IT has created downloadable desktop letterhead templates with customizable mastheads for your printing needs.

While the address and contact information should be customized to your needs, the letterhead font, layout, and positioning meet the Rutgers Visual Identity policy. The templates were created to match printed stationery and to adhere to the standards of the Rutgers Visual Identity System, as outlined in chapter 5.0 (Stationery System) of the Visual Identity Manual.

Purchasing Stationery Products

The Rutgers University Purchasing Department has established Dupli Envelope & Graphics as the designated vendor for purchasing stationery products. The Dupli stationery portal can be accessed through University Procurement website or the RIAS Exchange at Please work with your business manager to place orders.

If you have additional questions about ordering such items as business cards, letterhead, envelopes, or mailing labels, please talk to your business manager or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Download and Customize Unit Stationery

For your convenience, two types of Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences letterhead are available: the scarlet and gray official letterhead and black and white letterhead for less expensive printing needs.

Downloading and Saving SAS Stationery Template

Clink on a link below and save it to your desktop. (Please note that your computer must be on a Rutgers network in order to download the files).

Customizing the Masthead for Your Unit

To access the masthead to make changes, go to View > Header and Footer or double-click on the masthead. If the toolbar is in the way, move the document out from under it. The toolbar will stay in place.

  1. Logotype with SAS Signature

    The Rutgers logotype with SAS Signature has been provided in the proper position and size. It has been sized specifically for use in desktop letterhead. This will maintain proper alignment and spacing in the template.

  2. Address Column

    Click once on the address column. A box will appear. You may now enter your specific information. The following are guidelines for the order and placement of your information:

    Line 1: Enter your department, office, or program, using the complete, correct name.

    Line 2: If you wish to include a building name and room number, enter it here.

    Line 3: This line should not change. It should read: Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

    Line 4: Street Address

    Line 5: City Name, State, and Zip

    The box allows for five lines. If you require additional lines, open the box up from the corner.

    Any items that are long enough to flow onto two lines will automatically indent one em space on the second line.

  3. Web/Email/Phone Column

    Click once on the web/email/phone column. A box will appear. You may now enter your specific information.

    The following are guidelines for the order and placement of your information:

    Line 1: Enter your web address. As URL may be long, we suggest you use your top level URL (for example Do not use "http://" or "/index.html" in your web address.

    Line 2: Enter an email address, if desired. You may also delete this line altogether if you wish.

    Line 3: Leave one line space between the web information and the phone information. If there is no web information, move the phone information to the top of the column.

    Line 4: Enter your phone number here using the following style: p. 000-000-0000. If you have an extension, use the following style: p. 000-000-0000, ext. 6000.

    Line 5: Enter your fax number here using the following style: f. 000-000-0000.

  4. When you have completed all your changes, proofread them very carefully. Close the masthead by clicking "Close" in the toolbar. The template should be saved now before entering the letter.

Automatic Logotype on Second Page
If you hit the return key repeatedly, you will access the second page which contains the Rutgers logotype.

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