SAS Print Standards and Downloadable SAS Signatures

Print Standards Policy for Units in the School of Arts and Sciences

The Rutgers logotype must appear with the School of Arts and Sciences signature on the front of all printed communications no smaller than one inch wide.  In addition, the full name of the university must appear somewhere on the printed piece.

We are happy to assist you in using the School of Arts and Sciences signature, and can meet with you to work on materials.  Please contact the Communications Office or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions. 

Samples of Print Communications with the School of Arts and Sciences Signature

sas_cca_poster sashonors_postcard sas_war_poster eng_thanksgivingcard
cca_invitation irw_poster core_curriculum sas_letterhead

Download Signature Files for Print Publications

For your convenience, multiple types of signature files are available through this website for different types of publications.  In addition, different color combinations for the logotype and signature are also provided. After you have read about the different types of files for different purposes and the instructions for use, please go to the urls indicated below to download the necessary files.

The Rutgers Visual Identity system allows for three Rutgers logotype colors: scarlet, black, or white. 

The official SAS signature features the scarlet Rutgers with a gray School of Arts and Sciences and should be used on letterhead, business cards, and departmental documents. For an official stationery template for your center or department, please click here: SAS Stationery Templates and Purchasing.

This signature is provided in file formats for both two-color (most commonly used for self-publishing) and four-color printing (used by an outside vender for full color publications).

Sometimes a one-color file is needed for simple flyers made on copiers or for artistic purposes on more complicated pieces created by a designer.  We have included in the files folder all black, all red, and all white versions of the Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences signature appropriate for this range of printing needs.

Please read all the instructions below before downloading files and using them. 

Download Flyer Template for One-stop Self-Publishing

The link below will take you directly to a one-page flyer template with a black Rutgers logo and black School of Arts and Sciences signature for self-publishing. 

Click on the url and choose save.  The logotype in the document is an eps file.  You do not need special software to use an eps file. 

An EPS file may appear jagged on screen in a word document, but will display properly when made into a pdf.  It will also print clearly.

Download Zipped Folder for One-color to Four-color Options

For other one-color files, the official signature, and the files necessary for four-color-process printing by an outside vendor, please click on the url below which will take you to a zipped folder.  Save it to your desktop or a folder.  Access to download the Rutgers SAS signature files is limited to a computer within the Rutgers network.

Click on the url and choose save.  You do not need special software to use an eps file.

To place a signature file into a Microsoft document:

Begin by opening the document in which you want to insert the signature and then using the “Insert” menu, browse to the signature graphic where you have saved it on your computer, and click “OK” or “Insert.”

PDF Sample and Instruction Sheets to Download and Save

The pdf files below are also provided to help streamline the process with directions and samples that you can save to your computer for handy reference when using the files.

In the SAS Visual Identity Standards Signatures PDF document, you can see sample files organized by the one-color, two-color, and four color folders in the zipped folder. The file name is also included by the sample to facilitate your choice of files.

The SAS Visual Identity Standards PDF includes the SAS Identity Policies, instructions for instertion in Microsoft products, a key explaining the different file formats, and a key to the colors.

Meeting Rutgers Visual Identity Standards

Meeting these SAS standards will bring websites and print materials into compliance with the Rutgers Visual Identity Standards. The Rutgers Visual Identity Manual is available as a reference for your publications planning.  The portion refering to the Mimimum Print Standards is excerpted below.

Print & Merchandise Usage 7.1

Minimum Print Standards

  • Logotype Placement: The preferred placement is in the upper left corner on the front cover/panel, as shown in the example to the right. However, placement anywhere on the front cover/panel that is appropriate to the design is acceptable.
  • Logotype Size and Clear Space: The minimum size of the Rutgers logotype is 1 inch wide. The minimum size of the logotype, with signature, is 1.25 inches wide. There should be a minimum clear space around the logotype equal to the cap “R” height. See the diagram to the left.
  • Logotype Color: The Rutgers logotype may only appear in red, white, or black. The preferred color for a signature is gray. See the print color specifications on page 3.1 and color treatment examples throughout chapter 3.
  • Full University Name: At a minimum, the university’s full name—Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey—should appear in the address block on the back of the printed piece. For other options for including the full name, see page 2.2.

The SAS Minimum Print Standards are in compliance with the Rutgers Visual Identity System.

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