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Economics Professor Daijiro Okada has students work in small groups in a digital classroom inside the new Rutgers Academic Building where innovative teaching is the norm. Screens for projecting notes and images; multiple white boards for students to show their work to each other; and 10 tables spread around the room with plenty of walking space make the perfect setting for Okada’s teaching style: mobile, interactive, and thought-provoking. “Being in a group creates a feeling of accountability,” he says. “I go from table to table to hear from students what they have learned, to pose new questions, and to help them master the material together.”

Professor Okada is just one example of the commitment and creativity that School of Arts and Sciences faculty bring to their role as teachers. Since its inception in 2007, the School has made excellence in teaching a fundamental part of its mission. Check out the stories below to see how innovation teaching is encouraging learning in the classroom across the academic spectrum from English to earth and planetary sciences and from genetics to mathematics.

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