Departments and Business Contacts

The list below provides contact information for all SAS departments including a main contact staff person, departmental chair, business contact and manager.

African Studies, Center for Renee DeLancey Ousseina Alidou Vacant Kevin Foran
AMESALL (African, Middle Eastern, and South Asian Languages & Literatures) Michele Frishberg Alamin Mazrui Vacant Kevin Foran
Africana Studies Veronica Reed Gayle Tate Nikki O'Mealley  Tanya Ling
American Studies Helene Grynberg Allan Isaac Dan Boyle  Tanya Ling
Anthropology Ginny Caputo Dorothy Hodgson Dan Boyle  Tanya Ling
Art History Cathy Pizzi Catherine Puglisi Vacant Kevin Foran
Asian Languages & Cultures  Kathy Licinski Richard Simmons Elaine Gordon Kevin Foran
BioMaps Jennifer Schenk Helen Berman Vacant Kevin Foran
Chemistry & Chemical Biology  Donna Kohl Roger Jones Vacant Kevin Foran
Cinema Studies Helene Grynberg Susan Martin-Marquez Dan Boyle  Tanya Ling
Classics Kathryn Neal James McGlew Dan Boyle  Tanya Ling
Cognitive Science/Vision Research Susan Cosentino Ernie Lepore / Alan Leslie Vacant Kevin Foran
Comparative European Studies Susanna Treesh Daniel Kelemen Elaine Gordon Kevin Foran
Comparative Literature Marilyn Tankiewicz Elin Diamond / Jorge Marcone Dan Boyle  Tanya Ling
Computer Science Maryann Holtsclaw Haym Hirsh Vacant Kevin Foran
Criminal Justice Sarah Laboy-Almodovar Anne Piehl Nikki O'Mealley  Tanya Ling
Earth & Planetary Sciences  Donna Kohl Carl Swisher Vacant Kevin Foran
Economics Donna Ghilino  Rosanne Altshuler Tony Gardner  Tanya Ling
Edison Papers Rachel Weissenberger  Paul Israel Elaine Gordon Kevin Foran
English Angela Piggee  Carolyn Williams Heather DeMeo Kevin Foran
Exercise Science & Sports Studies Jan Houtman  Neil Dougherty Vacant Kevin Foran
French  Elizabeth Folk Carole Allamand Dan Boyle  Tanya Ling
Geography Kelly Bernstein Rick Schroeder Nikki O'Mealley  Tanya Ling
Germanic, Russian & East European
Languages & Literatures
Elizabeth deWolfe  Martha Helfer Nikki O'Mealley  Tanya Ling
History Mary DeMeo  Mark Wasserman Tony Gardner  Tanya Ling
Italian Mary DeMeo Paola Gambarota Tony Gardner  Tanya Ling
Italian American Heritage Institute  Vito Totino Vacant Vacant Kevin Foran
Jewish Studies  Arlene Goldstein Nancy Sinkoff Vacant Kevin Foran
Language Institute Carolyn Burger Marion Yudow Dan Boyle  Tanya Ling
Latin American Studies Martine Adams  Camilla Stevens Dan Boyle  Tanya Ling
Latino & Hispanic Caribbean Studies Sarah O'Meara Gonzalez Nelson Maldonado Torres Heather DeMeo Kevin Foran
Life Sciences, Division of   Anabell Williams Frank Haggerty Tony Gardner  Tanya Ling
Life Sciences - Genetics  Elga Howell Linda Brzustowicz Tony Gardner  Tanya Ling
Life Sciences - MBB Barbara Nowakowski  Vincent Pirrotta Tony Gardner  Tanya Ling
Life Sciences - CBN Virginia Marano Megerditch Kiledjian Tony Gardner  Tanya Ling
Linguistics Danielle Berlingieri  Kenneth Safir Heather DeMeo Kevin Foran
Mathematics Theresa Kirby Michael Vogelius Heather DeMeo Kevin Foran
Middle Eastern Studies, Center for Aretha Oliver Crayton Charles Haberl Elaine Gordon Kevin Foran
Philosophy  Pauline Mitchell  Jeffrey King Heather DeMeo Kevin Foran
Physics & Astronomy  Lori Marx Ronald Ransome Tony Gardner  Tanya Ling
Political Science Johanna Stephenson Jan Kubik Tony Gardner  Tanya Ling
Psychology  Carol Dixon Lee Jussim Heather DeMeo Kevin Foran
Raritan Review  Donna Green Jackson Lears Elaine Gordon Kevin Foran
Religion Susan Rosario Tao Jiang Vacant Kevin Foran
Research on Women, Inst. For Marlene Importico Yolanda san Miguel Martinez Elaine Gordon Kevin Foran
SAS Deans Office xxxxx xxxxxx Vacant Heidi Franz
SAS Undergraduate Academic Services Angeline Bishop Lenore Neigeborn Vacant Heidi Franz
SAS Undergraduate Education Patricia Badillo Dean Michael Beals Vacant Heidi Franz
SAS Undergraduate Education Scholarships Debra Toti Muffin Lord Vacant Heidi Franz
SAS Undergraduate Honors Vanessa Coleman Dean Matt Matsuda Vacant Heidi Franz
Sociology Lisa Iorillo  Deborah Carr Vacant Kevin Foran
South Asian Studies Program Martine Adams  Triveni Kuchi Dan Boyle  Tanya Ling
Spanish & Portuguese Jennifer Flaherty  Jose Camacho Dan Boyle  Tanya Ling
Statistics Isabelle Amarhanow  Regina Liu Tony Gardner  Tanya Ling
Women's and Gender Studies Monique Gregory  Abena Busia Vacant Kevin Foran
Women's Global Leadership, Center for Mika Kinose Radhika Balakrishnan Nikki O'Mealley  Tanya Ling

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